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The Cost of Admission

June 15, 2013


For my final project in  my Digital Humanities class with the absolutely amazing and inspiring professor Jesse Stommel, I started reading an article on’s opinion blog about NSA net-use surveillance, because Google Now thought I’d be interested in that. I was. I decided to cull from the article a few lines that resonated with […]

My #hybrid Life

June 6, 2013


Edit 6/6/13: Hyperlinked body of text, explanation to follow. Edit 6/9/13: As you read the following, please know that the entire passage is full of hyperlinks.  My goal was to link the whole thing to illustrate how easy it is to be influenced by outside material, whether it’s course material or apparently unrelated research. It […]

Listen Now: A Response to Sea and Spar Between House of Leaves of Grass, Remix.

May 19, 2013


Our assignment was to simultaneously grok House of Leaves, Leaves of Grass, Emily Dickinson, Herman Melville, eLiterature, and hermeneutics. Onward. House of Leaves of Grass is an interactive union of the book House of Leaves and the Walt Whitman collection Leaves of Grass. The Sea and Spar Between is the original example of this kind […]

eComicFAIL: Life Imitates Art

May 16, 2013


It is decided: I can not generate a digital comic to save my life. I have frames and frames and frames, but I can’t seem to make the software work for me. Total user error, obviously, since my cohorteers are all wildly successful with it!! What I take away from this is that I have […]

In Sync With Literature: Asking What the Book Wants

April 28, 2013


The “horcrux” of a literary work is the golden ticket any literary analyst pursues. It’s the light bulb that turns on when the author’s intent shines through the narration and into the eyes of the reader. It’s as though the key finally fits the lock in the dark, and the lock on the front door of the […]

Helvetica: Type’s Magnum Opus

April 15, 2012


Helvetica is a friendly font.  As such, it’s very relatable and approachable.  So much so, in fact,  that I recently spoke with Helvetica to discuss their foray into film  work, showing it’s face on the big screen other than just in the credits.  And as it turns out,  Helvetica is more than just another pretty […]