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“Rosies and Crypto-Chicks”

July 15, 2013


In Season 4 of Eureka, time-traveling Allison saves a wounded soldier in the 1940s using medical techniques she gleaned in the future. When we think of occupations of women in the forties, we might think of Army nurses or Rosie the Riveter…time-traveling lifesavers and heavy cryptographers probably don’t pop to mind. But the crypto ladies […]

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make THE FUTURE

May 28, 2013


Women have been discouraged from pursuing technology and knowledge at least since the story of Eve – or the beginning of time – or whatever you choose to believe. Regardless, you know I’m right. But think about it: Politics, religious leaders, judicial systems, medical fields, Freemasons, finance, military branches, auto mechanics, etc. Women were either […]