The Cost of Admission

Posted on June 15, 2013


  • For my final project in  my Digital Humanities class with the absolutely amazing and inspiring professor Jesse Stommel, I started reading an article on’s opinion blog about NSA net-use surveillance, because Google Now thought I’d be interested in that. I was.
  • I decided to cull from the article a few lines that resonated with me, for use in a (non)commentary poem
  • I decided to follow the breadcrumbs of algorithmic suggestions to repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • I thought – this would be great in an outline format. I don’t know exactly why, but perhaps Google Now can tell us? 😉
  • This is the result:

The Cost of Admission

I. Fear and Skepticism

A. Privacy is not dead

1. I live my life in the open

a) You can figure out…what I’ve been doing

2. Even clothing is a mere formality

a) An illusory openness

3. The cost of admission

II. Sarcasm and Cynicism

A. Who decides what’s secret?

1. Be praised or condemned?

a) Responses have been polarized.

2. The truth is more complicated.

a)Obviously criminal or clearly immoral?

III.Nonplussed and Numb

A. Scaring the world

1. Spying is not dead

a) We…have no say or control

2. Privacy is Criminal

a) Everything secret degenerates

3. Knowledge is Frightening

a) The truth…was reborn

IV. […]


1. [….]

a) […]