Convenience vs. Culture; A Total Loss — My Digital Comic Submission

Posted on May 17, 2013


Convenience vs. Culture; A Total Loss -- My Digital Comic Submission

Submitted for Jesse Stommel’s Digital Humanities class at Marylhurst University.

In the past I’ve always been considered the go-to person for tech questions. That was when tech was New. Now technology and I are middle-aged, and I’ve noticed something: Middle-age is when we decline, but that’s when technology really bursts forth, showing us all up.

This is no exception. When I was tech-savvy, I took a drawing class and found out I’m strangely good at drawing. 40 years, and I’d never knew. Now I’m an artist who is taking a new media class and I find out I can’t draw after all – not digitally, anyway!

Isn’t that just par for the course?

Electronic art, like electronic literature, is not better than-, less than-, or equal to their analog counterparts. They are just DIFFERENT. That’s what NEW is, after all.

Remember when Public Enemy was wrung through the wringer for sampling songs to create new music (which sounded completely fresh, btw)? Well it’s that alllll over again. It’s not the same thing on a new turntable, just like turkey tetrazzini the week after Thanksgiving isn’t having Thanksgiving dinner all over again. You don’t have to love and master both just because they came from the same source. And what a relief that is!


If you don’t know who Jon Lovitz is, well…  here.  It really gets good at 3 min 50.

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