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In Sync With Literature: Asking What the Book Wants

April 28, 2013


The “horcrux” of a literary work is the golden ticket any literary analyst pursues. It’s the light bulb that turns on when the author’s intent shines through the narration and into the eyes of the reader. It’s as though the key finally fits the lock in the dark, and the lock on the front door of the […]

x-ray reflexion

April 18, 2013


You Are Here

April 13, 2013


Our relationship as beings to our physical place has driven and mystified us all for as long as all recorded time. Human beings have always depended on the earth to provide food and shelter, but as we have grown we have had to develop tools to help us get more food and shelter due to […]

A Certain Slant of Light, Typographically Speaking

April 6, 2013


The project was vastly ambiguous, and also constrained.  Assignments like this always break my brain in the beginning.  It’s like breaking in fresh clay, I think.  In the right hands, something good will undoubtedly come out of it.  Speaking of breaking, here’s the project du jour: I could have done an Emily Dickinson variety show. But […]

#hypertext and serendipity

April 4, 2013


My daughter is 14, and very curious about my college experience. We were discussing my new #DH306 class, and how it will work for us this term. She asked me about my first assignment. I explained that I was to find a way to break something down to its elements and from them, build an […]