Forbidden Science

Posted on November 11, 2012


Nikola Tesla was a genius and a nature mystic.  Many considered Tesla a magician, or at best an alchemist capable of transforming matter.  He worked for Edison, who stole most of his ideas and patented them under his own name. Tesla was able to design a particle beam accelerator in his research of radar and x-rays in the 1920s that he tried to market to the gov’t as a Peace Ray capable of defending against air and ground attacks.  The gov’t accepted and “buried” the plans.  The media loved Tesla’s “lunatic rantings,” and renamed his device the Death Ray – which by his admission could “split the Earth in half like an apple.”  Tesla suddenly became paranoid of the gov’t, buried all his own plans, and started writing in code.  He eventually became a paranoid recluse, and died a suspiciously timed death.  He died of apparent heart failure in his apartment, which was ransacked.  All of his research was confiscated  by the government.

Wilhelm Reich was also a genius and a nature mystic.  He worked independently in his research with little schooling beyond 15 years of age. He discovered the smallest living organism, and named them bions.  Scientists laughed at him for his “undereducated” research with radiation, but it was this discovery that led him to discover “orgone,” which in turn led to an Orgon Accumulator, capable of improving human health and libido – as well as clearing clouds from overhead and influencing the weather.  Reich was constantly hounded by the media. His research center was eventually raided, and forced into closure; all of his research was confiscated by the government.  And Reich was imprisoned for fraudulent research until the day he died.  Many say George Bush was the man who tortured Reich to death in prison for the secrets to the orgon accumulator.

The US military is known to have developed HAARP: a beam capable of controlling ions.  This effect can influence the weather and particular makeup of matter.  There is much mystery surrounding the need of such a device, and the way in which it works.  However, it is known to use radiation in its operation. Conspiracy theorists suggest it is a weapon of mass destruction of the highest order.  Not unlike the Peace Ray.  Not unlike the Orgon Accumulator.

The Peace Ray used tungsten in its operation.  The HAARP facility and military base in Nevada (very close to Pyramid Lake) is located adjacent to an old Tungsten mine.

The Peace Ray and orgon accumulator were capable of reaching China and Japan from (continental) US ground.  People are reporting the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were attacks via HAARP “rays” that the US threatened to use upon them if they did not change their trade laws.  There are other suggestions that Hurricane Katrina was a result of HAARP.  There is a HAARP research facility in Alaska, near the Aleutian Islands, which happens to be a major hotbed of seismic activity.  The base in Nevada has been recorded (online using a basic digital weather program) emitting pulses of energy which show up on the screen ONE DAY BEFORE THE MAG 9.0 EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN.  This has been supposedly debunked by a claim to have visited the site to find nothing there.  A quick check shows there is, in fact, still something there.  Don’t believe everything you read – even this, as it’s based on available information.

HAARP is supposedly used in geologic research, including location of subterranean fuel sources.  The physical fingerprint of HAARP displays as sonic booms and earthquakes.  Coincidentally, many military bases surround old mines, and many old mine town residents have recently reported mysterious loud booms that seem to be coming from below ground.  I would not be surprised to find out that we are trying our hand at alchemy to produce more valuable minerals in order to increase our treasury amount and assuage our debt in a bid for global financial dominance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg if someone as under-classified as myself is able to dig this up.

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