Helvetica: Type’s Magnum Opus

Posted on April 15, 2012


Helvetica is a friendly font.  As such, it’s very relatable and approachable.  So much so, in fact,  that I recently spoke with Helvetica to discuss their foray into film  work, showing it’s face on the big screen other than just in the credits.  And as it turns out,  Helvetica is more than just another pretty Scandinavian face.

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: I’m sorry I’m late.  I have to be in so many places at once!</font>

solo: i get it, i really do.  where did you just come from?

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: I was covering a grand opening of a strip mall deli. </font>

solo: i love corned beef.  delicious!

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: I hear you on that! (laughter)</font>

solo: well let’s talk about your body of work.  i really do see your face practically everywhere these days.  you’re always in the public eye. and now even more so with your eponymous new biopic documentary Helvetica. why venture into film?

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: I’ll tell you I wondered the same thing when I was approached to do the film.  No, seriously!  But I recognize that I have a large audience, and most of them prefer new media like the internet and of course digital film, so it was the timely thing for me to do, I think.</font>

solo: you’re right.  producers and consumers alike are shifting their focus to more electronic media, so your decision to make this documentary keeps you relevant.  brilliant!

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: “I do my job. (laughs)”</font>

solo: i appreciated being able to see the diversity of your work.  you’ve appeared in children’s books, magazine ads, book covers, and even commercial television.  but i think i speak for almost everyone out there when i say i never get tired of looking at you.

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: Haha, I get that a lot!  I gotta give thanks to my creator on that one.</font>

solo: plus your Swiss good looks don’t hurt.

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: Not bad for 55, eh??   *winks*</font>

solo:  you still got it!  okay, enough with that  (you can’t blame me)!  but seriously, i loved seeing your home in Munchenstein.  it’s still beautiful where you got your start.  the Haas Building is delightful.

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: Yes, I was very fortunate.  I am proud to be associated with a region known for its beauty in both nature and design.</font>

solo: i’m sure that you’ve assimilated those qualities into your own je ne sais quoi.  people are naturally drawn to you.

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica:   (coughs modestly, takes a sip from his glass)  Thank you, I think I must have – that must be it!  </font>

solo:  do you need a refill?  what are you drinking?

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: coke. </font>

solo: diet or regular?

<font face=”helvetica”> Helvetica: it’s the real thing. </font>